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The Food and Farm Policy Diversity Initiative was created to move forward in coalition with other small and minority farm groups. This group is advocating for improvements in the US Farm Bill that address specific concerns of socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers. See

The federal tobacco buyout: The end of federal price supports

Willie Greeninge checks on his tobacco plants at his farm in Chatham, VA.For decades, the tobacco market was regulated by a Depression-era price support sytem that utilized quotaswhich limited the amount of tobacco farmers could legally sell.  The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 scrapped the quota system and included a buyout provision aimed at compensating tobacco quota owners and growers. 

The legislation has faced tobacco farmers with important and complex decisions that will impact their lives, farms and communities in profound ways.  Tobacco farmers' estate plans, retirement plans and tax liability all stand to be affected by the decisions they make with regard to the buyout.

The Land Loss Prevention Project is dedicated to assisting limited-resource farmers navigate the options and opportunities presented by the federal buyout legislation.

Additional resources on the federal tobacco buyout:

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