Natural resource management

The Land Loss Prevention Project has been involved, over the last four years, in a collaborative process of outreach to limited resource landowners with woodlands.  In our work with farmers and other estate planning workshops , weplan to utilize a sustainable approach that assesses both current use and future planning.  This kind of holistic approach would examine financial planning, management opportunities, disaster planning and estate planning.

We want to continue our partnership with North Carolina  State University and North Carolina A&T in the development of educational materials and providing workshops for landowners around forestry issues.  We wouldprovide information to individual clients and communities about conservation opportunities and forestland management. Forestry management tools would also be incorporated into estate planning workshops.

Forestry and Conservation

Having trees on the land can be a valuable resource!

Landowners should be aware that there are free services from the North Carolina Division of Forestry. The State can assist you with finding a consulting forester, and certain services related to your forestland can be done at no cost to you.

Landowners should consider all the possible uses of their land.  Ideas to consider include:

  • Marketing of pine straw
  • Hunting Leases
  • Conservation Easements

More ideas [PDF]:

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