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Keepseagle Track A
Who can bring a claim? What is needed to complete a claim packet? What must be established? What is the potential compensation? What is the deadline? Contact Information

• A Native American Farmer or Rancher or the representative of their estate


• A business partner, spouse, or co-operator of a single farming operation with a Native American Farmer or Rancher

• Completed Claim Form

• For Debt Relief, a request for debt relief and an executed Authorization to Disclose Debt Information

• For a deceased Claimant: 1) a death certificate, and; 2) proof of current legal representation or a sworn statement explaining why the individual thinks they will be appointed representative

• For a Claimant unable to submit a claim on their own behalf due to physical or mental limitation: 1) proof of legal representation, or; 2) a sworn statement explaining why the person cannot submit a claim on their own behalf and why the submitting individual should be able to in their place

Substantial Evidence that the farmer/rancher:

• Is a Native American that farmed between 1/1/1981 and 11/24/1999

• Owned, leased, attempted to buy or lease, or had grazing rights on farm/ranch land

• Applied or attempted to apply for USDA loans

• The loan was denied, provided late, provided at a lesser amount than requested, or provided with restrictions

• One such denial occurred between (1/1/1981-12/31/1996) (11/24/1997-11/24/1999)

• Suffered economic damage due to the denial

• Filed or attempted to file a discrimination complaint with the USDA

• $50,000

• A tax award to offset any new taxes

• Debt relief from current USDA loans


To receive a claims packet or contact class counsel:

Keepseagle Claims Administrator
PO Box 3560
Portland, OR 97208-3560