Foreclosure Prevention

We have seen an increase in the number of calls for assistance in foreclosure cases over the last few years.  Both in the residential arena and in farming operations, many property owners are facing legal battles with creditors.  Particularly in lending for the purchase of mobile homes, there are often questionable lending practices that violate consumer protection standards.  Additionally, homeowners are also discovering environmental harms, arising from the siting of manufactured homes on closed and/or unregulated landfills.

The Fair Lending & Home Defense Project

The Land Loss Prevention Project, in collaboration with other legal aid organizations, has initiated an intensive foreclosure prevention project. While we have always provided assistance to rural individuals and family farmers, this project has increased its capacity to provide assistance to other victims of predatory lending scams. Since 2004, we have helped our clients write off millions of dollars through reamortization, bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, or negotiation.

Resources for Homeowners

Additional resources on predatory lending:


LLPP's handbook "Ten Ways to Save Your Land" is now in its 8th edition. The handbook gives a broad overview of typical legal issues that landowners, farmers, and homeowners may confront. It's available here for free.


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